Posted Date : 2018 July 02

From the Market to the Mercy Home


The three sisters Sonu, Kalpana and Nikita Dahelikar were born in a Hindu family in one of the poorest slums of Nagpur. The parents were daily wage laborers and life was miserable owing to extreme poverty, disease and unhealthy living conditions. Things got even worse as their father became an alcoholic and became very violent at home. Finally one day their mother could not handle the torture and hardship of life any more, she killed herself leaving her three little girls with an alcoholic and abusive father.

Those days were sleepless and fearful” as they recollected their painful memories. Nikita (the youngest) was about one year old at the time of her mother’s death. Their father would leave the house early in the morning and return late at night drunk, and hardly bring anything for children to eat. They were left starving at home for 2-3 days often. They used to wander behind restaurant’s garbage bins to find any left over food to fill their bellies. Adding to their plight, the father had sold these children to a child trafficking agent and left home one fine morning while they were asleep. His whereabouts are not to be traced and his name remains as “missing person” in the police records till today.

Sonu that day, as usual along with her siblings waited all day long and night hoping that their father would come back at least in a drunken state! Then with a sudden shock they realized that he was gone for ever. Life became a big question mark in front of them! Now what? And who will care for them? They were truly in danger.

The Lord reached out to them through another kind hearted and caring neighboring women who noticed their helpless situation and learned that they where to be taken to another big city by the agents that day. She has rescued them from the culprits with the help of others and brought them to Mission India’s Mercy Home 7 years ago.

But today, the story is different! They are the most happiest and active children at the Nagpur Mercy Home!

“We were lost and suffered severely. We starved for many days. We asked ourselves is there a God who can help us? And we found the answer. After we came to MI Mercy Home we are taken care so well, fed healthy food, given good cloths and able to join school. More than anything we came to know that Jesus Christ is the only Savior of this world who loves us so much and he died for our sins. So today we have hope”! Says Sonu the eldest:

Sonu was baptized in 2010 and would like serve the Lord in full time ministry. All of them are pursuing their High school education and growing in the Lord wonderfully.

Many hundreds of girls like this in India, today looking for a way out! Thank God for what MI is able to do to these least ones! And thank you for your valuable partnership that makes a ‘life changing’ difference to a future generation.