Posted Date : 2018 July 02


I am Prakash Mankar, aged 35, from a hindu family in Khaparkheda, Nagpur, Maharashtra.  I worked in a cotton mill and married in 2002. Our first child Roshan was born weak, disabled and premature.  He weighed just 250 grams and the doctors kept him in the P.B.U. I. C.U. for 2 months. He underwent treatment in different hospitals but his condition didnt improve. He could neither eat nor drink properly. His treatment was expensive and it cost me over 2.5 lac rupees. When we were in this desperate and helpless condition, a lady who worked as a house maid informed us about a man of God who helped people in difficulties through prayer. Hopefully we took Roshan to him. We listened to the word of God and our faith grew. We received Jesus as our Lord and Savior and started fellowshipping regularly with them. As a church we fasted and prayed for Roshan. Slowly his condition improved and he was completely healed. Seeing this healing our faith and trust in the Lord increased.  Six months later, Roshan swallowed a two rupee coin, which got stuck in his throat. Eating, drinking and even breathing became difficult for him. Immediately we admitted him in a hospital. The doctors informed us that he had to be operated and the operation would cost around five thousand rupees.  I didnt have any money with me and in this helpless situation I cried out to the Lord for help.  Then to my pleasant surprise the very next day a person came home and offered two thousand rupees for the operation. Moreover the company also gave the required additional money. I was overjoyed and rushed to the hospital with this money. In the meantime a miraculous thing happened. The stuck coin slid down his throat and an operation was not needed. The Lord heard my plea for help and answered me just on time.  From the time Roshan was born, I spent over 2.5 lacs rupees for his treatment but he didnt get any better. But after believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, he was healed of all his ailments and also delivered from this operation. Later a good and healthy son Amos was born to us. We now regularly pray and fellowship with the believers.  I thank and praise God for His love and goodness towards us His children.