Mission India Theological Seminary


Mission India Theological Seminary with a clear vision and guidance from God, Dr Saji K Lukos has established a centre for training men and women to mature them in Christ and send them out into communities for church planting. God helped Mission India to purchase a 32-acre piece of land to build a fine campus with wonderful facilities for students. The campus is in a place called Khadgaon about 7 km from Wadi. Mission India Theological Seminary (formerly known as Mission India Bible Institute) initially offered a one-year Diploma in Theology and Church Planting. Now, the seminary has bloomed with a tremendous growth of academic credibility with a special emphasis on practical ministry. As the seminary grew, we began to offer more degrees which now include: Certificate in Theology (Hindi & Marathi), Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Theology, Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership, Master of Divinity (Residential and External), Master of Theology in Missiology and New Testament. Besides theological training, MITS also trains students in various technical skills. 


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