Youth for Truth



Vision: To develop next generation Christ-like leaders to transform the world.


Mission: YFT is the youth wing of Trinity Churches of Mission India in order to reach each young person of TC and equip them for transforming their communities and world.



Purpose of Youth for Truth :


  • We want to encourage youngsters to believe in Jesus Christ as personal savior.
  • We are dedicated to rise up the next generation to be radical disciples that disciple, to fulfill the great commission.(Matt 28:18-20) 
  • We want to help them to get connect with other Christians, and also our small groups are designed to create an atmosphere were youngsters can develop Godly friends.
  • We want to help them to grow by developing the Biblical truths along with practical application.
  • We want to give them opportunity to serve others and give encourage them to utilize their talents.
  • We want to help the youngsters to share their Christ with others.
  • We want o to encourage youngsters to grow in deeper relationship with Christ.



Core Values :


  • Commitment to Prayer
  • Commitment to Scripture
  • Commitment to Holiness
  • Commitment to Evangelism
  • Commitment to  Missions
  • Commitment to Youth
  • Commitment to Integrity